Gemstone Obsession

If you know me, you’ll know I have quite the addiction for gemstones. At the start of 2017, my eyes feasted on a gorgeous labradorite necklace from FableBay on Instagram. I was initially hesitant to purchase the necklace, but I decided it was an investment and that was when my obsession started. Say hello to more investments!

Most of the pieces above are from KristasJewlery, who I found on Instagram through my Explore feed. I bought way too many necklaces for a lifetime from her shop!

I found my love for moonstones – so simple and elegant! Below are my favourite pieces, all from KristasJewelry. The one on the left is actually a lariat-style necklace paired with celestite and manmade opal.

Rainbow Aura Quartz Ring from FableBay

Finally, I decided necklaces were old news and searched for gemstone rings. I found KuraKuraJewellery among other shops and once again, bought way too many rings for having only ten fingers.

Moonstone Ring from KristasJewelry

Now I’m positively broke, so there will be no more purchases in the near future. However, knowing me, I’ll probably extend my gemstone jewelry collection by at least two by the end of the year. Let’s hope it only increases by two!

Australian Opal (left) and Amethyst (right) Rings from KuraKuraJewellery

Australian Opal (left) and Garnet Rings from KuraKuraJewellery

Is anybody else as into gemstone jewelry as I am? Share your investments and your favourite shops below!

P.S. LOOK at this labradorite!!

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