5 things to do in Western Australia

In one week I will be on a plane headed to Perth, Australia! I am beyond excited to share my plans for what I have briefly planned to do in and around Perth.


I don’t think any trip to Western Australia is complete without a visit to Rottnest Island. Home to quokkas, the happiness animal in the world. Always smiling, always cute. LOOK.

But not only does this island have the cutest animals, it’s also pretty breathtaking.


It seems Western Australia is just full of islands… but move over quokkas, Penguin Island is here! I can’t wait to watch the little penguins be fed and dip my toes into this water. LOOK AT IT. AH.


This calls for a road trip down south! I am very excited to visit this area… I really think it’s a crime for all of Australia’s beaches to look like this. Or river. Whatever this is – too good to be true. I need to snap some photos of my own and get back to you!


I am a nerd so I’m going to check out Lave Cave which features beautiful crystal formations. It’s a limestone cave and this is just my sh*t. I can’t wait.


I don’t even have to explain this one. I NEED TO CUDDLE WITH A KOALA.

There are probably a million more things I plan to do like eat 24/7, but these are the five I am super excited about. Western Australian here I come!

Header photo by Alex Wise on Unsplash.
All other photo credits are linked on the images.

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