5 Metro Vancouver Activities for Sunny Days

Now that Vancouver has had almost a full week of sunshine followed by a sprinkle of snow, I’m feeling inspired to work out all the activities I want to do in the sun. Rainy days are sure to intercept the sunny plans, but here’s what I want to do by the end of summer:


This may come as a surprise, but I’ve never biked the Stanley Park Seawall! Never biked, but surely have walked the 10-km loop. I’ve still got the tan lines from walking the Seawall last summer to prove it – it’s not pretty. I used to work in Downtown Vancouver nearly everyday and would walk along the waterfront (near Canada Place) during my one hour lunch break. It’s literally the most calming walk ever, paired with the mountains, the water and a sea of tourists also amazed by Vancouver’s beauty.

I can’t wait to rent a bike to get some exercise and take in the views the Seawall offers! These photos below are unaltered pics I snapped from one of the many times I’ve walked along parts of the Seawall.


I started hiking last year, starting with short and easy ones and gradually doing harder ones. I didn’t do as many as I’d like, so this year I’m challenging myself to write a blog post about all the hikes I want to do, and do them. Watch out for the post to come.

Vancouver Trails is an awesome site where you can search for hikes to do, based on region or difficulty. You can also check comments to see the trail’s condition from people that have hiked the trail recently.

The Jug Island Beach hike is one I will for sure do again. It’s categorized as intermediate and I’d agree, if you’re just starting out. It’s not a hike that ends with a beautiful, mountain-top view, but the beach’s seclusion is everything. If you choose the right time and day to hike, chances are you’ll end up on the beach alone or only with a few other people. It’s peaceful just watching the water and people paddle-boarding or kayaking along. Jug Island Beach is the hike for you if you want some quiet time to yourself (even if you do the hike with others). The day I went, I witnessed a dog on a paddle board and it was too good. Check out my pics below!


Every summer I intend to step into La Casa Gelato and try at least one of their 238 flavours. I have however, stopped to take a photo by their amazingly pink wall. Irresistible.


I’ve been meaning to check out New Westminster’s River Market for ages, but never got around to it even though it’s close to where I live! I want to stop by and check out all the local businesses and shops as I try to shop local as best as I can.

The river market extends into a nice walk along the pier, which is beautiful during sunsets. It’s a great alternative if you don’t live close to the Vancouver waterfronts (Seawall, Kitsilano, Jericho, etc.).


It has been years since I’ve been to Fort Langley, but I can remember how much I loved it the first time. I liked that it felt like its own little town/community – it felt inclusive. All the little shops make up Fort Langley’s cool vibe. Check out this snap I took in 2014! So long ago.

I hope this helps ignite the inspiration to do things when the sun visits again! What’s on your to do list?

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