What is Success Anyway?

One thing I’m currently guilty of is trying to be everything at once in order to reach success. I want to excel at every role I play, as the student, the daughter, the girlfriend, the best friend – everything. But I can’t.

I think everybody wants their lives to be so perfect that they try so hard, but find out it’s basically impossible. Apart from putting your best life forward on all your social media, it isn’t all that perfect. Nobody knows the behind the scenes and just how difficult things may be. I believe seeing other’s social media profiles intensifies the desire to be perfect.

One thing I’ve noticed having thrown myself into the world of Instagram is that success is everywhere. You could be successful too, if you defined for yourself what “success” means then curate your page to reflect that definition. What this means to demonstrate is how ridiculously manipulative the Internet can be. You can’t just use somebody else’s definition of “success” just because you like how they present themselves online; you have to define and get it yourself.

Like I said, I’m guilty of this and have decided to devise a plan to help define the term. I’m seeing things from the student perspective, but student or not, I believe this will help you too.


When people say “do what you love,” what comes to your mind? It can be everything and anything, but what you need to do is narrow it down to 5 things. Then 3. Then number them based on your favourite and passion. What’s number 1?

What I love is social media, which is ironic as I seemingly tear it apart in every post on this blog. I love the power it has and how that power grows every single day. I believe it is more good than bad, based on its ability to reach so many people to do good.

There are also dogs. I love dogs. Actually, dogs > social media.


What job do you think you’d suit and that you’d enjoy? You might be totally wrong come the time you get this job, but think big. Does it have to do with what you love? What field is it in?

I definitely see myself in the social media and digital marketing realm of things. I’m 100% sure I won’t hate it since I’ve dipped my toes in already, but who knows, shifts – small or big – could still happen.

Or dog walker. Dog sitter. Dog.


This is important as you need to be clear of the relationships in your life. Who will support you on your journey? Who will drop out? You can’t predict it all, but you can try your best.

These are the people you need to keep in mind when you’re living your life and chasing your dream. They are important.

Animals are included.

So, in summary? Success for me is my passion combined with my career, with my most supportive and trustworthy people by my side. For some, you might be thinking “well duh, I could’ve searched that up on Google,” but that’s not the point of this.

The point of this process was to unpack your own definition. It can be the total opposite of mine and that’s okay. Now that you have your definition, it should be more clear than ever of what you want to be.

More importantly, it should help you understand everything you value. Now, you can devise a plan on how to work towards your definition of success without neglecting anything you value along the way. My previous post gives some tips on how to make your goals achievable.

Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash

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